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Ecologically friendly, reusable wipes, 100% cotton 2-ply flannel fabric. 2-ply refers to the density of the threads and weave making the wipes SOFT and DURABLE. Wipes will easily last for 300 washes.

The unique storage box has a weighted plate that rests on top of the wipes, so it is not hole at top of the box. The weighted plate aids in one wipe at a time with each pull.

The wipes are VERSATILE!

*Makeup removal
*Household Cleaning
*Kids wipes
*Pet wipes

The BEST part, you decide the solution to use with the wipes. Use a commercial product (micellar water) or a home-made solution. It is completely up to you.

They are environmentally friendly! No wipes added to the landfill. They are biodegradable unlike throw away wipes.

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