When your quilt is finished and prepped for shipment, an email is sent out with tracking information. Please check your SPAM and Junk folders as well for emails from us regarding shirt check-in and shipment.

It is the date we scan your incoming order into our system. You will get an email from us confirming that the shirts were checked in. This email may go to a SPAM or Junk folder.
*The turnaround time starts when your shirts are checked into our system and does not include shipping time once the quilt leaves our building. Most postal services are experiencing delays right now, which we cannot predict or be held responsible for.

Absolutely! Over half of the quilts we create include a personalized embroidered name, message, or date. This is a great way to commemorate a special event or personalize a special gift.

Backing is the fabric on the side opposite your shirts. You may also use your own fabric; simply send it in with your shirts. See our available backing colors.

Sashing shows as a 1.5 to 2 inch border in between every shirt in the quilt. Sashing especially enhances a quilt when many of the shirts are the same color. You can choose the sashing color from our choices or send in your own fabric.

Batting is the layer of material between the t-shirt layer and the backing, making your quilt fluffy and warm.

Allow 6-8 weeks after we receive your t-shirts. We will notify you when we receive your t-shirts. When your quilt is complete you will be notified and provided a tracking number for your quilt.

You will receive mailing instructions following your order.

Packaging your T-shirts: whether from the post office, UPS and FedEx. Some boxes are packed better than others. Here are some thoughts on packing your T-shirts. Try to use a box the right size for your pile of T-shirts. Boxes that are over or under stuffed tend to be damaged more often than correctly sized boxes. Over-stuffed boxes tend to explode while the under-packed boxes tend to get crushed. Use appropriate packing material if your box is larger than you need for your T-shirts. This will help the box from being crushed. Note: your objective is to keep the box from being crushed and protect the T-shirts from damage. Good packing materials: Air bubbles, bubble wrap, wads of newspaper, Kraft paper or brown paper bags, reused foam from other packaging, eggshell foam, clean egg cartons.


Yes. Sunbelt Stitches Quilts are washable as the materials selected to go in them. We suggest caring for your quilt as gently as you would care for the most sensitive fabric in it. Quilts made of pre-washed cotton t-shirts can be machine washed with cold water and line dried. If you have a red or dark-colored backing or sashing and any light-colored shirts, you should dry-clean your quilt just to be safe.

Wash, yes. Cut, no. Washing your shirts prevents the colors from bleeding and makes working with them a little more pleasant for the SS sewing team :) But leave the cutting to us. Just send us your clean, whole shirts and we'll send back a cozy quilt.

We accept any t-shirt you provide expecting you to understand that the quality of your quilt depends somewhat on the quality of the t-shirts provided. Stains and small tears can add character to the quilt if there is a great story to go along!

We dispose of the t-shirt scraps for you. If you would like us to save your scraps, we can ship them back for a postage & handling fee.


A guide on the easiest ways to get your order to us.

Yes - while we're happy to answer any questions you have about the process, we do not send you a shipping label or package to send in your items. In return, we're happy to cover standard shipping for the finished quilt on its way to you (US orders only)!

Whichever one you prefer! If that means you'd rather drop it off at the U.S. Post Office, that's alright with us! Regardless of whether you're using USPS, UPS, or FedEx, please keep in mind to pick a box or package that fits all of your t-shirts, and for your protection, we suggest you use a shipping service that provides a tracking number and delivery confirmation.

Per our instructions, please make sure your order number is included on/in your package. Please also be sure to count and re-count the shirts you're sending to make sure you have the correct number needed for your quilt! If you have a desired layout (or a specific way you'd like the shirts laid out), be sure to include a layout photo. A photo is the only way we can guarantee that your layout is exactly the way that you want it.

Please do not send in extra materials that we do not need, including things like plastic bags, pins, sticky notes or any type of adhesive tape may slow the processing of your order. Adhesives can also leave a sticky residue or pull off part of the shirt design, so please do not use adhesives of any kind. Additionally, these will more than likely be removed during processing - so please do your best not to include them.

We would prefer that you ship shirts for each separate quilt in separate boxes; however, we recognize that you might prefer to ship shirts for two or more quilts in the same box. A couple of boxes inside a box is a more sure way to reduce the chances that the shirts might get mixed up. If you decide to take this route we absolutely need layout photos for each quilt inside each box. Otherwise - the shirts might get mixed up between the two quilts. We would like your quilt to be exactly how YOU want it.

My tracking number says my shirts have been delivered to you, do you have my shirts yet? More than likely, yes! We send you an email to let you know when we receive your shirts. That email doesn't go out until we process your package in our facility.
If your tracking number says it's been delivered, but you haven't received that email from us, don't worry! Your shirts are more than likely just waiting to be processed. If it has been over three days, feel free to contact us and ask about your order.

1. Lay the shirts out in the order you'd like them put together. Lay them out on the floor, your bed, wherever you can find room! (Make sure to follow the grids on each size. For example, a full size is 5x6.)

2. Take a picture with your phone. Make sure all of the shirts are distinguishable!
3. Print out the picture and send it in with your shirts. No printer? No problem, send an email with your desired layout photo and your order number to info@sunbeltstitches.com
4.The Sunbelt Stitches Production Team will follow the layout making sure your t-shirts are displayed the best way they can be - at no extra charge to you!
Because we have no control over how T-shirts are handled during shipping, we ask that you always include a photo. T-shirts that you send to us in a specific layout may not arrive to us in that same order. We cannot guarantee a desired layout without a photo.

Keep shirts of the same color (or similar design) spread out. 

Consider putting shirts in a chronological order.

Move shirts with larger graphics towards the middle of the quilt. This way, they're less likely to be affected by the decorative stitch around the edges of the quilt.

Get all of your shirts in one layout photo (two if the quilt is double-sided). Remember: we don't need to see the whole shirt in the photo, just enough to know which shirt it is!

Take your layout photo in an area with good lighting.

Not sure what to do for your layout? No worries - our talented team will create an amazing layout for you if one is not provided!

If you have any questions or concerns at any point during the process, our team is happy to help. Email us at info@sunbeltstitches.com or give us a call at 936-520-8900